LYFE in a bowl,

A healthy, balanced and tasteful nutritional trend now in Glyfada. LYFE in a bowl offers your daily diet meals and beverages rich in fiber, carbohydrates and proteins without extra calories.

Start your day and enjoy bio espresso coffee or tea with an oat bar and sugarfree cookies. Cool compounds with yoghurt await for you along with fruit or vegetable smoothies. A variety of wraps, salads, soups and bowls with LYFE dressings will settle in on the top of your mouth.

Give yourself what it deserves, we are waiting for you at LYFE IN A BOWL.

Only for you

Daily, we prepare a large variety of A' materials with nutritional value and nutritional substances precious for the organism. Principle role at LYFE are the products with wholegrain, exotic fruits, seeds, brown rice and roots.

New Dishes

The colourful compounds which the Chef prepares are the ingredients that maintain their natural taste. The bowls, wraps and salads mix with flavours and the aroma of the LYFE dressings.

Special Offers

We are sure that we will contribute to your daily life, the nutrition which will properly nourish your body. LYFE's team will constantly offer you new quality nutritional compounds.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 09:30 - 19:00
Sunday: CLOSED

Delivery Hours

Monday - Saturday: 09:30 - 18:30
Sundays: CLOSED


+30 210 8920989

Markou Botsari 1-3 / 16675 Glyfada

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Only for you

Daily we prepare a large variety of A’ materials with nutritional value and nutritional substances for the organism.  Principle role in LYFE play the products with whole wheat, exotic fruits, seasonal fruits, seeds, brown rice, vegetables and roots.

Accompany your bio espresso coffee with an oat bar or sugar free cookies.

A colorful compound of cool smoothies and yoghurt will give you the necessary energy in the first hours at work, before or after exercise.

For your daily meals, you can choose from a series of ingredient flavor on bowls, soups, wraps and freshly cut salads with LYFE dressing which our chef Nikos prepares.

We offer to your daily nutrition which will properly nourish your body. LYFE’s team will constantly offer new quality nutritional compounds.

New Dishes

Lyfe’s Easter Pasta

Wholegrain pasta,
tomato with grilled vegetables!

Lyfe’s Easter Shrimp

Shrimp, groats, mixed vegetables, cherry tomato,
LYFE dressing with honey lim!

Special Offers

Send your name, Brand name and your work number to our email lyfeinabowl@gmail.com

Order for you and your colleagues, and enjoy a 10% discount until the end of May!


Markou Botsari 1-3 / 16675 Glyfada